Hair Braiding

Hair Braiding

Stylish Hair Braiding

Braids By Sarafina is notorious for the number of different hair braiding styles they can create. Not only can our stylists create a great look, they can also produce braids that last for a longer period of time and require less maintenance and care. There’s a reason why we are one of the most popular hair braiding salons in Winston-Salem with an increasing number of regular customers.

Braids By Sarafina is here to make you feel comfortable while bringing out the best look possible through a new hair style. Our friendly team of experts will create a look that highlights your inner and outer beauty. 

Hair Braiding Extensions and More

In addition to stylish hair braiding, Braids By Sarafina offers hair braiding extensions that are non-allergic. We can help your braids reach the length you’re looking for. We also provide free hair maintenance and care tips.

If you want to change your look, we offer braid removal services. Braid removal can be a difficult task without the proper experience or knowledge. The hair experts at Braids By Sarafina can safely remove your braids in a comfortable fashion. No matter what your hair braiding needs are, you can trust the experts at Braids By Sarafina. Call us today to set up an appointment. 

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