African Hair Braiding

African Hair Braiding

What Makes Us Unique?

Finding an expert African hair braiding service can be a challenging task. Your options may be limited. If you’re in Winston-Salem, NC, there is one clear choice for African hair braiding. Braids By Sarafina has been offering expert African hair braiding services in Winston-Salem for more than a decade. 

Our expert hair stylists have learned quite a lot about African hair braiding over the years. This has allowed us to provide the best African hair braiding services around. If you have questions about African hair braiding, we have the answers. Check out the questions we frequently get about African hair braiding and our answers to those questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Complete Various Styles of Braids?

Cornrows with extensions can take 1-3 hours depending on design and layers. Tentatively, it is the same for kinky twists. Senegalese twists can take between 6-8 hours. 

How Long Will the Braids Last?

Cornrows with extensions added should last up to five weeks. We advise you to keep other styles like individual braids, weaves, and twists with extensions for eight weeks. Leaving braids or twists beyond prescribed time can lead to hair locking and hair loss.

Does Braiding Hurt?

Braiding shouldn’t hurt if done carefully. It hurts as the braids are twisted while being made. Many people find new braids mildly uncomfortable for the first few days. One or two days of hair growth can make a big difference and the braid will be softer in the following days.

How Do I Care for My Braids?

It is easy to take care of braids. You can wash your hair normally if the threads used are washable. You should avoid using a hot hair dryer directly on the braids, if the threads are synthetic. You can use it with cotton threads.

How Do I Remove My Braids?

Most braids can be unwound without cutting the hair. It's better to get someone to help you remove your braid, than to do it yourself. You might face difficulty if the hair is wound around the braid with the threads, or if you have very fine or curly hair.

Why is There Dead Hair in My Braid?

We all lose dead hairs every day, which fall out naturally. After keeping braids in for few weeks or months, the hair that would have fallen during that time stays trapped in the braids. This hair can form a little knotted dreadlock just above the braid after few days.

How Much Does Braiding Cost?

Being the most budget-friendly African hair braiding salon in Winston-Salem, we can offer you quality braiding services at competitive prices. However, the price may differ with the size of your hair, or the style and extension you choose. We can let you know the exact cost when you contact us.

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