Welcome to Sarafina Hair Braiding Salon in Winston Salem

hair braiding in winston salem

Braids by Sarafina, is a well-known hair braiding salon in Winston Salem, NC. We provide all types of hair braiding styles, but our specialty is African style. Our salon is open 7 days a week. Give yourself an exciting new look with our natural hair braiding styles.

Our professional hair experts will not only give you the best hair style, but we will also provide necessary maintenance services, like hair washing and braid removal.

Why us?

  • Decade of experience:
    We have completed 10 successful years in this business, which verifies our expertise in hair braiding.
  • Affordable and long lasting braids:
    We are the only salon that provides long lasting hair braiding solution in Winston Salem at reasonable prices.
  • Registered & licensed:
    Braids by Sarafina a registered and licensed hair braiding salon in Winston Salem, NC.
  • Highly skilled braiders
    Our highly skilled hair braiders work very hard to give you a perfect look, which compliments your unique personality. Our hair experts also offer free consultation on hair braiding styles.
  • Quality Materials:
    We use quality hair products to braid your hair. We use quality hair extensions that are durable and non-allergic.
  • Trendy Braiding Styles:
    Our hair braiding team at Sarafina hair braiding salon, Winston Salem, are always updated about the trending braiding styles. Whatever the braiding style is you name it and we will give it to you.

If you are looking for stylish hair braiding in Winston Salem, then schedule your appointment now, or call us at (336) 407- 4870.

Our Product

Invisible Weaves

This style is made of individual braids that cannot be easily seen. These types of braids are very thin and they look like individual strands of hair.


Senegalese twists add a "twist" to the regular cornrow braids. It is a two-strand twist that uses doubling up technique to create tight cornrows.


Cornrows are a traditional African braiding style that we offer in Winston Salem, NC. It comes with multitude of designs like straight, geometric, or curved styles.

Tree Braids

Tree Braids are a hair extension technique that gives a woman the best of both styles - corn rowing your natural hair while inserting stands of commercial hair extensions.